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Is a specialty manufacturer that produce bicycle, electric bike and health bike parts, The major products are Nonstandard axle/BB axle/ABCD axle/BB parts/head parts/BB Cups/tools and so on. Professional team to create first-class service. We have own diemaking shop can control quality more accurate. The products are made strictly according to national and international standard. All products are inspected with precision instrument and the quality is improving. More and more our products are send to more Europe…

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         The central axis is installed in the frame five links for connecting the left and right crank of the rotating parts. General sports car with a square hole, spline and integrated three kinds…
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         The bowl of the bicycle includes a shaft hole, a loading and unloading slot, a frame body, a ballistic bowl and an external thread. The ballistic bowl is a steel bowl, the plastic…
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         The Axle parts on the bicycle in terms of the joints, like the body, whether it is able to rotate or swing, will use bearings or washers to make the parts turn more smoothly…
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         Electric Axle and head parts, the use of one structure to eliminate the gap to prevent assembly stuck, coaxial degree of abnormal stuck, and so more peace of mind to use. As well as in the daily…
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